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Innovation Lab

The TEDxQueensU Innovation Lab is a space dedicated to showcasing tangible examples of real innovative ideas in our community. Our hope is that not only will this room act as a space to share great ideas. We hope that it will also inspire you to develop your own.

For several chances to win $100, be sure to check out this year’s Delegate Engagement Project: The Fast Forward Experience.  

Unfortunately this raffle excludes all Quebec Residents



As an act of kindness to those who may be struggling during this time of year, we’ve created a card for you to write a message on. After the event, the TEDxQueensU team will deliver your card to the staff and patients at Kingston General Hospital.

It can be challenging to find the right words to say in a card to a stranger. That’s why we’ve created a list of some ideas to kick-start your creativity:

  • Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts
  • Sending you a note to say hello
  • May your day be filled with joy and love and anything that brings you happiness

We prefer uplifting messages that do NOT make promises like “you’ll get better soon” or “you can beat this!” Above all, your kindness and thoughtfulness are sure to be appreciated by the recipient!


Real change can only be made possible if we work together. To make a difference, we must collaborate and share our ideas, while also building upon the innovations of others.

This activity strives to be a platform where your ideas can be shared. Grab a Post-It® note and write your vision for what you hope the world will look like in 2050. These Post-it® notes will be used to create a mural, presenting a collective view of what we want the future to hold.


Did you know that over 700 marine species are affected by ocean plastic? That over 18 billion pounds of plastic enters the ocean every year? Many of us are aware of climate change and pollution plaguing the world, but do you know how severe it really is?

This installment of the Fast Forward Experience focuses on the effects of climate change and what we can do to help solve the issue in years to come.

Please look at the schedule below for your allocated Kahoot time. Your slot will correspond to the colour and shape of the sticker on your nametag. The location of this event is against the East Wall of the Innovation Lab. Please arrive a few minutes before your allocated time and please do not join in on another Kahoot session. The prizes for winning the Kahoot are brought to you by the Queen’s Amazon Prime Student Ambassadors! Good Luck!

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You have now had the chance to listen to some of our inspiring speakers and their “ideas worth spreading.” We feel that it’s important for you to carry these ideas with you throughout the day, which is why we’ve created a special space for you and your fellow delegates to do just that!

In order to build a better world, we must share and listen to each other’s ideas. At this station we have set up tables with conversation cards to choose from. Please choose a card and divide into teams where you will advocate for different positions related to the topic.


Take yourself back to when you were a young child. LEGO® was a way for us to use our imagination; to create and to learn while doing it. This station is a way to demonstrate just that. Looking ahead, we must realize that the future is in our hands. We have the power and the privilege to shape the world around us for the better. We will be the ones who build innovative cities and shape the environmental, political, and social climate of our world in 2050. We have a collective responsibility to build our future one block at a time.

Use LEGO® blocks to build what you envision the year 2050 to be like. Futuristic skyscrapers, smart homes, self-driving cars - whatever your mind can think of. Feel free to collaborate with others as well. 2050 is yours to build. Send a picture of your lego design to the tedxqueensu Snapchat with on the TEDx filters along with a 1-2 sentence description in the Snap for a chance to win a prize pack! Let your imagination and creativity run free!

(Important reminder: Please be mindful of other delegates and use only your allocated amount of pieces. We will be donating the blocks to local schools following the conference.)




BizSkills Academy Inc. delivers experiential training services and solutions to individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs. It helps educational institutions to provide experiential entrepreneurial curriculum to their student through our platform. We support incubators and accelerators to help their start-ups access a live and experiential entrepreneurial training package from our platform.


Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team aims to develop industry-transferable skills, expose students to computer assisted modelling programs. It bolsters a culture of innovation and passion that extends to the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition in which their team competes. Queen’s Hyperloop’s ultimate goal is to create a fully functional half-scale pod which can win the competition.

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PATIO Interactive is a technology-driven design and marketing studio. It focuses on leveraging different forms of technology to create unique engaging experiences, from corporate to commercial to narrative arts and beyond. PATIO Interactive specializes in the effective integration of new & emerging technologies into everyday business needs. 

Live Life Unfiltered is a movement designed to remind young women that behind every perfect photo, caption and filter, there’s still a women with insecurities, bad days and struggles, just like you.

Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC) is an activist-based environmental campus club that mobilizes and organizes environmentally minded students at Queen’s University. The club is designed to encourage progressive, climate change action at Queen’s University and in the City of Kingston. QBACC is about making real change happen now, at a local, provincial and federal level.

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Research Stream is a platform that connects researchers and research participants, creating an initial point of contact, streamlining communication and increasing the efficiency of research management.

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The concept of Dress Code is simple. Check out our curated closet and borrow a dress for your next event. Whether it be a conference, a formal or the wedding of that girl from high school who got engaged at 19, we want you to look fierce without breaking the bank.