The Tortuga Quartet


Queen's Undergraduate Students

The Tortuga Quartet is a string ensemble of Queen’s students who initially came together as a quintet in 2012 to pursue their passion for chamber music. In 2013, the group won the Carlos and Catherine Prado Chamber Music Prize for excellence in chamber music and outstanding performance.

First violinist Andrea Bandow is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) as a Political Studies major and a minor in Music for performance. Andrea has been playing violin for fourteen years, she is a member of the Kingston Symphony, and currently she is the Concertmistress of the Queen’s Symphony and lead second violinist for the Quinte Symphony. Andrea intends to study Law and Public Administration.

Second violinist Jacob Bryce is taking a Bachelor of Music with a French specialization and he has been playing for sixteen years. He is a member of the Kingston Symphony and has been a section leader in the Queen’s Symphony for two years. Next fall, Jacob will be attending Teacher’s College through the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s.

Violist Rachel Wilson is majoring in Biology with a minor in Music for performance as a Bachelor of Science (Honours). Rachel has been playing viola for seventeen years and is a member of the Kingston Symphony. Last winter she placed second at the Queen’s Concerto/Aria Competition and she will be soloing with the Queen’s Symphony this upcoming March.

Cellist Kathryn Knowles is pursuing a Bachelor of Music and has been playing for nine years. Kathryn has been the lead cellist of the Queen’s Symphony for three years and of the Stringtown Orchestra for five. Kathryn plans on taking her Masters in composition or performance.

Outside their regular repertoire and performances within the School of Music, the Tortuga Quartet has performed numerous weddings and charity events in Kingston

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