Jason Mouna


Taekwondo Master at Uxbridge Tae Kwon Do Academy 

Master Jason A. J. Mouna was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2001 he gave up his ten year career in finance and accounting to open up Uxbridge Taekwondo Academy. Driven by his passion for this Korean martial art he saw it as an ideal vehicle to inspire and guide his own three children to reach their fullest potential whilst spending critical time with them during their formative years. All three of his children and several of his other students have been Canadian junior national champions. Some of them have even medalled for Canada internationally. In 2006 he was the Canadian national champion, and represented Canada at the World Taekwondo Championships in Seoul, Korea. Having learnt Taekwondo for self defence in Kenya and having used it on several occasions to save his life, today Master Mouna uses its lessons to help his students navigate through the challenges in their world. To help them drive themselves to their fullest potential on the mats and in life. His students range in age from three years old to seventy-three years old. He has watched his student dying from cancer put achieving her black belt in her bucket list; accomplish it, only to pass away a few weeks later, filled with pride. His only two outcome approach; “win or learn”, driven by first fully engaging the spirit, then the mind and body has been critical to his student’s success.  Master Mouna has held several official positions for the Ontario Taekwondo Association which have included Team Manager, Coach, Tournament Chairman, Secretary General and Central Director as well as being offered the Team Manager role for Canada at the World Junior Championships in Egypt in 2012. 



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