Heidi Mack


Queen's Ph.D. Candidate | Transformative Learning


Heidi Mack is a mother, an artist, writer, therapist, and an adventurer in all ways. She is creative and awake and expresses herself through poetry, photography, painting, and community building. Heidi has a personal commitment to living a ‘querencetic life’ -- a term she coined to encapsulate the meaning of creating and living one’s life in alignment with one’s inner beliefs and values (their querencia). 

Heidi’s career has centred around outdoor and experiential education, teaching, psychotherapy, personal transformation, and art. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Psychology, a Masters of Education in curriculum design, is a certified Canadian Psychotherapist with over 8000 client contact hours, and is currently completing her doctoral studies in Transformative Learning at Queen’s University.

Heidi has taught in public and private schools both in Canada and internationally, at the college level and spent many years teaching at the university level in both Outdoor and Experiential Education at Queen's University and in the graduate counselling programme at the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul's University. She started her career as a teacher, then became an educational counselor, curriculum writer, and public speaker.  Now as a therapist, she works in supporting individuals and couples in their process of creating awake and vibrant lives.

Heidi finds her heartbeat, life and breath in the woods, on the waters, and in the hills through trail running, back country skiing, snowshoeing, and delighting in the silent places of Gatineau Park, the sacred lands of the Temagami wilderness, and now spends much of her time in an off grid cabin in the Canadian Shield. Heidi has worked as a wilderness guide on canoeing, kayaking, and hiking trips in Canada and remote international locations like the ice fjords of South Western Greenland.

Website: www.heidimack.ca

Blog: www.querenceticliving.wordpress.com



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