Aneesh Tarun


Queen's Graduate Student | Human Media Lab


Aneesh P. Tarun is a Doctoral Researcher and Interaction Designer focusing on building intuitive interfaces and unlocking the potential of emerging technologies with the aim of simplifying everyday computing. As a part of his research he has worked on a variety of projects spanning fields such as Organic User Interfaces, Augmented and Mixed Reality Interfaces, Location-aware Computing, and Computational Journalism.

Aneesh is currently a PhD candidate at the Human Media Lab, Queen's University. He received his Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Institute of Technology. His current research focuses on designing, developing, and evaluating novel interaction techniques for flexible display devices of the future. He believes that Paper Computers, built with flexible electronics, can reduce our need for using paper on a large scale as well as enable us to interact with digital information as seamlessly as interacting with everyday physical objects.

Aneesh has developed paper computer prototypes including a flexible tablet pc (PaperTab, 2013), a flexible stackable mobile device (DisplayStacks, 2012) and a wearable computer (Snaplet, 2011). PaperTab was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (International CES 2013) in Las Vegas. It has garnered over 1.8 million YouTube hits since then and has also been shortlisted for Innovation of the Year 2013 by T3 magazine and Stuff Magazine.

When he's not keeping track of YouTube hits, Aneesh enjoys overloading his brain with philosophical discourses extending from Calvin and Hobbes all the way to Krishnamurti.


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