Adam Beaudoin


Queen's Undergraduate Student

Adam Beaudoin was raised on Canada’s west coast in Victoria, BC. Throughout high school he pursued athletics and competed at the provincial level for three sports. Adam also dedicated a large amount of time and effort towards philanthropy. He founded team M&M and travelled to Seattle, WA to participate in a  LIVESTRONG event raising money for cancer care programs. He co-founded a club that raised $40,000 and installed two large solar panels on his school which effectively took two classrooms off the grid. He was also a peer counsellor for three years which led to many unique experiences and gave him vital listening skills while highlighting the importance of compassion.


To get to Queen’s for his first year to study Kinesiology, Adam cycled over 4,500km from Victoria to Kingston, ON. The experience was very challenging on multiple levels and he raised over $46,000 for cancer research. He has since served as Marketing Director for Queen’s Make A Wish Foundation and began racing for the Queen’s cycling team. Just a month into his first year at Queen’s Adam had a cycling accident which resulted in a brain injury. This lead to a very challenging time resulting in some unique lessons spun from arriving to an environment of seemingly endless opportunity to one of disability.


Now in his 3rd year at Queen’s Adam is the Public Relations Director for Queen’s Health Outreach, a fitness instructor and a student therapist for the Men’s Varsity Soccer team while being a varsity athlete himself. In his spare time he runs workshops for various clubs and plays guitar. In January, Adam goes on exchange to New Zealand where he will attend Canterbury University in Christchurch.

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