Jon Pharoah


Queen's University Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering | Fuel Cells

Twitter: @PharoahJG

Dr. Jon Pharoah is an Associate Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen’s University. Since 2005, he has served as the Associate Director of Queen’s-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre that he co-founded. Starting in 2002, his contributions to the field of fuel cells modeling and characterization have resulted in more than 40 journal articles. His research in the area of fuel cells and hydrogen energy systems has focused on understanding the complex interaction between fuel cell components and between scales spanning from the nano scale in the electrodes to the scale of full cells and stacks. This work takes full advantage of state of the art multi-scale modeling techniques coupled with novel experimentation. Key research interests in PEM fuel cells include: development of durable, ultra low Pt catalysts, understanding thermal effects and understanding the role of liquid water in PEM operation.

 Dr Pharoah’s contributions have resulted in significant research efforts with leading fuel cell companies, and in invitations to provide invited lectures both in industry (Adam Opel, Germany, Ballard Power Systems, Canada) and University (NTNU, Norway, IIT- Bombay, India, University of Victoria, Canada). He has also been an invited researcher at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, has been invited to teach short courses in fuel cells both internationally and in Canada and to contribute book chapters on the subject.


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